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June 9 – June 15, 2019

ARIES: What you see is not necessarily what you get this week. If you purposefully avoid the truth and let your imagination take the wheel, it will cause a distortion that is certain to come back and bite you on the backside further down the road. Proceed with caution.

TAURUS: Guard against childishness now. Those who depend on you need results not assurances. Flattery is easily distracting, but will lead nowhere good. Unconscious and instinctual behavior may not put your best face forward; stop and think before you act.

GEMINI: Appetites are strong and this could prove costly. Though you’re convinced your choices are right, it’s doubtful your credit stretches this far. If you stray off the straight and narrow, you risk confusion and could lose precious forward momentum recently gained.

CANCER: Provoking a bull with a red flag only causes trouble. Even if you feel alienated and the lines of communication are broken it doesn’t give permission to shoot first and ask questions later. There truly is a fine line between genius and madness; watch closely.

LEO: The familiar and comfortable can pull you in like a siren’s song this week. Resist the draw of the past and focus on your dreams for the future. Even if you meet people who trigger speculation and doubt in your own plans, trust your own instincts this time.

VIRGO: Express yourself with cleverness, especially with your family. Capitalize on your ability to tune into other people’s needs with your loving nature, and others will understand you better as well. Being kind and diplomatic is the key to smooth out your path ahead.

LIBRA: Make contact and communicate clearly, even with the universe itself. There is inspiration to be found at this time. Travels, retirement, nature and creative ventures tap your spiritual depths. Take a chance and have faith in yourself and your abilities now.

SCORPIO: Your luck is due to come in. Nature’s bounty is showered upon you. Share the love and you gain even more with insight, wisdom, travel and general happiness abounding. You can demonstrate that you are different now, but resist rushing headlong.

SAGITTARIUS: Enjoy the lull in the action and take the time to step back and regroup. It’s good to get your thoughts out in the open. Express your caring side and your vulnerability, but go for wisdom and not glamour. Good foundations can crumble on sand.

CAPRICORN: Ever feel like a ballet dancer in an army barracks? Try to avoid allowing provocation or temptation throw you off balance, as your values may be challenged. If you are looking for trouble, you’ll get it – impulsiveness has a high price attached.

AQUARIUS: Expectation breeds resentment and disappointment follows soon thereafter. Take the time to cultivate self-sufficiency. It’s payback time if you’ve made missteps in past relationships, whether in love or business. Lessons are due to be learned.

PISCES: You can show your best side or your worst now, it’s up to you. If you don’t want to make an impression or attract attention, don’t expose your weaknesses. Better to step back, take a breath and show some compassion. Either way – composure is key.

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"If the moon affects the tides of the oceans, and the human body consists of 70% water, wouldn't we be arrogant to think it would have no effect on us?" -- Teresa Watkins



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