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June 2 – June 8, 2019

ARIES: A new moon in Gemini begins a new era in your solar house of transportation and communication. Siblings could play a big part in your life arena in the coming week as well. Take the time to reach out and expand your horizons in one way or another.

TAURUS: New pathways open up in terms of security. This could mean values such as self-worth or financial balance. Opportunities arise and shine bright in your direction, but the light won’t stay green long. Grab your chance quickly before it fades away.

GEMINI: School is out for summer, but you still need to think fast. If you were offered one granted wish, but only allowed ten seconds to consider what to wish for, what would pop into your mind first? Let THAT be what you focus on this week -- and, good luck!

CANCER: You may be feeling the urge to withdraw into yourself this week. Well, more so than usual. With the dark moon peaking as the temperatures begin to rise, the physical body may be down-shifting into energy-conservation gear. Rest up while you can now.

LEO: Expect a shift in your social sphere this week. If all the world’s a stage, then the players on the stage of your life are shaking things up a bit. Old characters depart, new ones arrive and the cake walk begins. Give the dust a chance to settle in this new era.

VIRGO: New ideas may be floating around the workplace this week. Increased efficiency and the tracking of details could become more important than usual. Try to avoid allowing it to take up all of your time. Get outside and let a breeze clear your head if needed.

LIBRA: The door ahead of you is finally opening. Allow a brief moment for your eyes to adjust to the new environment before diving head-first. Avoid rabbit-starts and pace yourself. What you face now is a marathon, not a sprint. Think “tortoise” instead of “hare”.

SCORPIO: When a bubble bursts, a startling reality comes to light. While disillusion can be shocking to the system once removed from view, only the truth offers a firm foundation to move forward. Aim for a spiritual bond with others; they will stand the test of time.

SAGITTARIUS: Obsession can be as powerful as a drug. Removal of the “object” can cause withdrawal symptoms as gripping as the most addictive substances. Try a change of point of view. Seek an aspect not noticed before to dispel the shadows and bring relief.

CAPRICORN: Child-like enthusiasm could act like a turbo-charger for you this week. New arrangements could have you feeling like you don’t know which end is up, but once you get your bearings, the gears will engage and you should notice traction take hold.

AQUARIUS: Now is the perfect time to say what you mean. Better if you’re attempting to keep things pleasant. Your ideas will come across beautifully, and you’re likely to receive appreciation and respect. Good fortune comes your way if you keep a playful nature.

PISCES: A new chapter begins for you this week in your arena of home / family / foundations & ancestors. Get out and see some of the natural world. Follow your instincts, and make a point to express long-hidden emotions. Others will be impressed with you.

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"If the moon affects the tides of the oceans, and the human body consists of 70% water, wouldn't we be arrogant to think it would have no effect on us?" -- Teresa Watkins



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