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ARIES: Impatience and boredom lead to recklessness, and idle hands are the Devil’s playground. Don’t let your guard down because you think all danger has passed. Constant vigilance will save the day if you employ it – but, act in haste and you’ll repent in leisure.

TAURUS: The things that matter most will call upon your attention this week. You have the ability to raise Atlantis from the depths – IF you believe you can, and your efforts are on behalf of the right reasons. If in doubt, ask your heart for directions, it knows the way.

GEMINI: Luck is on smorgasbord before your very eyes this week. Too bad “Lady Luck” is so fickle. It would be nice to stash some of it away for a rainy day, but more often than not, the way it works is “use it or lose it.” Prioritize your needs and apply it wisely.

CANCER: You may hear a lot of static in the airwaves this week. Well-meaning folk have plenty to say, but their truth doesn’t necessarily equate to YOUR truth. Accept that others only wish to be helpful, and then accept what is said with a grain of salt. You’ve got this.

LEO: Nothing ventured, nothing gained – so long as no toes are stepped on, including your own! Taking the initiative to advance your career can pay off big if you don’t over-extend yourself. Adding chores to your to-do list won’t necessarily improve your security.

VIRGO: Virgo knows the value in limits, and an earth-sign trine smiles in your favor. Take your time and set appropriate boundaries across your home and work lives, and you will set yourself up nicely. Your future is beckoning you forward.

LIBRA: Hectic activity and interruptions can distract you, and you’ll have to try harder than usual to organize your thoughts before conveying a message… but all the right moves have been made. The way has been paved for your successful advancement.

SCORPIO: Aggression will awaken resistance now. Above all else, try to avoid being rude. Remember that quote about “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”? Following this one guideline could be your saving grace. Better to just smile and nod.

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships are on your mind this week. If your intuition doesn’t stutter with a “maybe, but…” at the end of what it’s trying to say to you, then your conscience has nothing to say in the matter. Don’t overthink a situation that is calm and comfortable.

CAPRICORN: Events of late may have evoked memories of your younger days. Even if you feel the weight of heavy burdens on your shoulders, you’re not in the same place that you were years ago. Recognize the melancholy for what it is, and appreciate your growth.

AQUARIUS: Take the time to promote yourself with confidence and humor; make sure people get to know “the real You.” Visits with important people will pay off in your favor if you make a point to focus on your goals. Now is the right time to be seen AND heard.

PISCES: Measure twice and cut once, as irrevocable decisions could be made. Your greatest assets are your ideas. This is a great time to make progress if you think through the plan carefully, and sell the goal precisely. Your next move needs chess-like strategy.


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"If the moon affects the tides of the oceans, and the human body consists of 70% water, wouldn't we be arrogant to think it would have no effect on us?" -- Teresa Watkins



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