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Check out the forecast according to your Sign:

ARIES: What do you value? If someone matters to you above all else, don’t just pay them lip service, show them. Actions DO speak louder than words. Old habits die hard, but now’s the time to break them. Give yourself - and others - the benefit of a new beginning and turn over a new leaf.

TAURUS: The New Moon in Taurus at the end of this week may have you thinking about lounging out to pasture, but spring cleaning and fresh starts are overdue. Motivate yourself with the thought of the end results, and then you can soak up the Sun until the cows come home.

GEMINI: Something deep down in your subconscious mind keeps trying to draw your attention. Something important… If you “can’t remember what it is that you’ve forgotten,” go easy on yourself. Whatever “it” is will pop into the forefront of your focus -- just in the nick of time.

CANCER: Your eyes may deceive you, your ears may mislead you, and your mouth could betray you. Think twice before saying something you might regret. Don’t let an alligator mouth overload “Tweety Bird” tail feathers… verbal atom bombs could come back to bite you on the caboose.

LEO: The spotlight is on you now. Be sure to keep your eyes trained on a fixed point away from that blinding beam. The New Moon will bring new information to light not considered before, and it could tip the scales regarding an unfinished decision in your professional life. Don’t rush it.

VIRGO: Intellectual and spiritual insight could come screeching onto your doorstep with the New Moon’s arrival this week. Pack a bag - taking a short road trip could be just what the doctor ordered to clear the cobwebs out from under the hood. Roll the windows down and blare the music; a new perspective awaits.

LIBRA: Feeling frisky? Daydreams about night things could cross your mind in the middle of the afternoon. Be sure to clear your task-list first -- THEN arrange time for “extracurricular activities.” Get right with Mother Nature and she shall ease your mind… and relieve any pent-up tension.

SCORPIO: The condition of your most important relationships could reflect the state of your own mind now. Projection is common when a person struggles to reconcile an issue they have with a trait that annoys them in others, and usually means originates within. Heed your inner critic.

SAGITTARIUS: Take your time and choose your words carefully. Expectations breed resentment, and there could be information behind the scenes on the job that you aren’t privy to. Remember what assuming does and try to put on a brave face now. Just be nice… the dust will clear soon enough.

CAPRICORN: Your home could be the focus of a sprucing project or two. Allow it to take on your own energy, as long as it’s a positive one. Be playful and creative and authentic, but above all else – be yourself. Keeping up with the Joneses will just keep your wallet empty – and you unsatisfied.

AQUARIUS: If Father knows best, why does he say “Go ask your Mother”? Because he knows that Mother keeps track of all those little details that can make all the difference. You can lead a mind to knowledge, but you can’t make it think - especially when data is missing. This week, that will change.

PISCES: He said, she said. Or, at least, that’s what you THINK was said. Never assume that another human being is picking up what you’re putting down – or vice versa. If there is ever any question whether or not something has been clearly understood, avoid future snafu’s by confirming your info.

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"If the moon affects the tides of the oceans, and the human body consists of 70% water, wouldn't we be arrogant to think it would have no effect on us?" -- Teresa Watkins




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