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Check out the forecast according to your Sign:

ARIES: You don’t like to have your horizons restricted, and you may feel the need to defend your personal territory. Don’t start any trouble, and there won’t be any. Instead, teach others so that they can pass your lessons on to others.

TAURUS: The creature comforts of home could be singing a siren song to you this week. You’re typically not one to be late to work, and it’s not a habit to aim for starting. There’s a time and a place for holding down the couch – choose carefully.

GEMINI: Sometimes when emotions are left unexpressed for too long, they can atrophy the heart. An unresolved issue from your past may bring pause to your forward progress. Inherited habits that don’t serve to benefit you should be evicted, and now’s an excellent time to do it.

CANCER: You’re entering a new phase in an important relationship. It may feel like taking a step into thin air only to have the ground appear beneath your feet, and disappearing behind you. There’s no going back now, but don’t worry – you won’t need or want to.

LEO: Expressing yourself has never been a struggle. Neither has engaging in a bit of playful fun. Work has had you on a chain for too long. Let your creativity run loose and plan for some down time off the beaten path. The R&R will recharge your batteries wonderfully.

VIRGO: The fork in the road before you represents the chance to improve yourself, one way or another. If furthering your education has crossed your mind, there’s no time like the present. Try to bear in mind however, what you learn matters as much as what you do with it. Learn what your heart wants first.

LIBRA: Feeling like a bird in a cage and the door got left open? Don’t know which way to fly? Then don’t – yet. The early bird may get the worm, but the early worm gets eaten! There’s no need to rush out, unless your intuition is cautioning against trouble, then by all means, “Do no harm… but take no ‘poo’.”

SCORPIO: Communication and transportation matters could be at the forefront of your agenda now – yours or your contemporaries. One good turn deserves another, and karma has 20/20 vision. Even if you feel like you’ve expended more than your fair share of efforts to help, keeping score could backfire.

SAGITTARIUS: Options are wondrous things when a person has gone on too long without any. Unfortunately, they can drive that same person to distraction when there are too many of them to choose from. Take your time; you may yet find a diamond in that haystack rather than the needle you seek.

CAPRICORN: You’ll soon be presented with an opportunity to transform limits in your life soon, as Pluto turns retrograde in your sign this week. Be brave and cut old karmic ties connected to your past. There’s a whole new world on the horizon ahead of you – move onward.

AQUARIUS: What do you believe in? Does it believe in you too? Does it make your heart race and your pulse pound in your ears? If not, it may be time to re-assess what you’ve been investing your time and energy into. You’ve been lost in your head for a bit; best to take a look around before changing lanes.

PISCES: Professional achievements on personal ambitions could be on order for you. Hard work and the talents you possess get the notice of people in authority. Recognition is always nice, but tangible rewards for a job well done never hurt either. Accept those cheers with a smile.

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"If the moon affects the tides of the oceans, and the human body consists of 70% water, wouldn't we be arrogant to think it would have no effect on us?" -- Teresa Watkins



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