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Mercury Retrograde with a side of Full Moon madness - in a neatly wrapped package!


December, 2017;

There’s a common fear that gets generated when the words “Mercury Retrograde” get bandied about, and understandably so. However, “fore-warned is fore-armed,” and here’s what you need to know to navigate this phase.

Mercury Retrograde technically begins Sunday morning, December 3 at 1:34 AM CST in the sign of Sagittarius, but the tension has already been building for at least a couple of days now already. As a Mutable Fire sign, we can expect issues and/or glitches in electronics, automotive electical components, car alternators giving out, batteries dying, power sources depleted or short circuits, cell phone / computer crashes will be on the rise or even general fire hazards.

Mercury also conjuncts Saturn at the point it stations (appears to stop) to go Retrograde, and this significantly intensifies the effects of the transit in general, with Saturnian energy (Saturn = LIMITS, time), causing frantic nervousness and a general lack of mental focus. People are easily distracted, scatter-brained, forgetting words when attempting to make a statement; “lost on the tip of the tongue,” general clumsiness increases: dropping things, slipping / tripping over things when not paying attention to surroundings; be sure to set a timer for foods cooking in the oven (FIRE) – and don’t forget to hit the START button. (I’m guilty of this one myself).

Combine the energy described above with the Full Moon (a SUPER-Moon, no less) in the sign of Gemini (ruled by Mercury) in opposition with the Sun in Sagittarius, AND a T-square to Neptune in Pisces (the sign it rules). This aspect peaks a short time later at 9:47 AM CST. This acts as an amplifier to the already intense tendency of daydreaming, dissolution and mental fog, all while feeling a static buzz in the air and a sense that the clock is ticking and you’re running out of time. (Saturn again!) I can imagine a common mindset now along the lines of “the hurrier I go, the behinder I get,” like the White Rabbit saying, “I’m late! I’M LATE!” – Slow down. Don’t chide yourself if you need to take a break. Your chore list isn’t going anywhere. It will still be there, waiting patiently for you once you’ve regained your equilibrium.

The second “peak phase” occurs when Mercury stations (stops) to turn back Direct on December 22nd at 8:51 PM. The same themes will be in effect from a couple of days prior to that point (12/20) through the following 2-3 days after the peak (Christmas morning.) May I suggest handling your preparations for festivities between December 6 – 19, and NOT waiting until the last minute. Especially if gifts need to be shipped elsewhere. The stores will more than likely run out of that one specific kind of ingredient that is wanted for a special recipe, or you may run out of scotch tape when you have a handful of gifts left to wrap, and the right stuff can’t be found anywhere. The postal service, and “ground carriers” are sure to experience the same logistic “SNAFUs” as the rest of the general public, only on a much grander scale. I expect to hear of masses of late package arrivals (possibly Christmas morning deliveries?), potential misdirection of shipments to wrong locations brought about by computer network crashes or weather-related delays. ** I recently heard that American Airlines “computer scheduling system” gave too many pilots Christmas off – causing a shortage of employees flying planes. This is a classic, textbook example of “Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius.”

My own biggest concerns during this transit is the fact that it’s occurring parallel to the Winter Holiday season. People are out shopping, lost in their own heads, not paying attention to their surroundings (possibly distracted by phones while driving), and auto accidents abound. While decorating, take extra time to think about using multiple power strips on different electrical circuits when hanging up your Christmas lights indoor or outdoor: over-loading on LIMITed electrical circuits = house fires.

With any Mercury Retrograde, communication and transportation problems are expected; For example - if you’re driving to Grandma’s for the holidays, the likelihood for traffic jams, auto accidents, road construction, detours and the like is higher than usual. Be prepared and plan accordingly: double or triple check when you’re packing, make sure you have your phone charger cord readily available and some form of access to power in your vehicle (AC power converter, etc). Take a road map or an atlas just in case you lose phone signal and need to find your way around a traffic pile-up without GPS assistance.

In the event that you will be flying this season, again – double or triple check while you’re packing, don’t forget to tag your luggage in case of checking it with the airline, and most importantly, head for the airport at least an hour earlier than usual. Security lines are likely to be busy and slow moving, flights are commonly delayed, or even cancelled in some cases. Be prepared for the need to “shift course” to compensate for the circumstances.

When the inevitable frustration sets in, try to remember that everyone else around you is experiencing the same effects, (albeit probably in differing ways,) so take a break for a moment, close your eyes and try to relax, then take a deep breath, count to ten, and let the tension roll away as you exhale.

By the time Mercury returns to the point in the sky (29* Sagittarius), on January 10th, whatever area of your life is connected to Sagittarius – planets in the sign or aspects to those planets being activated by the transit, will cause a RE-view, RE-vise, RE-evaluate or RE-do concerning something in that realm. There is “old business” to attend to and take care of, and that is essentially the purpose of a Retrograde phase after all – clear away the old to make room for new growth.

Generally speaking, Mercury Retrograde is NOT the time for starting NEW projects, as they will almost certainly have to be RE-thought out because plans changed or RE-organized / RE-configured at a later date. It’s the nature of the beast, folks. No signing contracts (that includes getting married – unless, it’s a vow RE-newal!), large purchases like houses or cars (unless you’re RE-financing a loan) -- hopefully, the pattern is becoming clearer now.

All in all, these phases happen typically every four months or so, and last approximately 3 weeks. But with proper planning, and some extra effort to keep yourself calm and grounded, the Mercury Retrograde phase will come and go and we’ll all be better for it after it’s completed.

May you all find peace and joy as this calendar year comes to a close, and best wishes for positivity and prosperity in the coming New Year.



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