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With all of the interest in the upcoming "Great American Eclipse" of 2017, which will occur on August 21st, an important astral event will be coinciding that could profoundly impact not only the U.S. - but the world at large. From August 12th through September 5th, Mercury, "the Messenger" will be retrograde. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - all generational influences - are all involved in a rearward movement at the exact same time. With this cosmic “Fab Five” all exerting powerful forces with Luna’s shadow dance on the 21st, the potential for major and unprecedented events across a broad spectrum, both globally and personally, is both dramatic and important.

The effect of this particular Mercury retrograde will be magnified by the energy of the Eclipse and the corresponding actions/reactions with other retrograde planets. It is important to look at the aspects between them during that time to truly understand what may be revealed as the curtain raises on our world stage during these astral pirouettes.

At its cosmic heart, the Messenger deals with communications and interactions on macro and micro levels of human relationships. Numerous articles have chronicled the many issues that a Mercury retrograde can cause. What needs closer examination, however, are the aspects formed with the Eclipse itself, the retrograde planets and the Messenger. This may well be a pivotal moment in history: for many reasons - on many levels.

Perhaps the most daunting part of this, from an astrological standpoint, is what chart should be used in the analysis of Mercury’s impact. For the purposes of this article, I have chosen the “natal” chart of the Eclipse at the point of its longest period of totality. This will occur at 1:20 p.m. at Hopkinsville, KY.

The individual forces of the retrograde motions of the outer planets are well documented in articles online and in print; perhaps the most profound would be those would be Neptune. As the planet of illusion, or delusion, the effect of the Sea King’s retrograde motion can be aptly described as “pie in the sky meets pie in the face”. (This is not to minimize the Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde. Saturn in Sagittarius, or Uranus in Aries).The fact that Neptune is also in the sign it rules (Pisces), adds an additional level of intensity that merits our focus.

Mercury retrogrades impact all kinds of communication and/or transportation: misunderstandings, lost or delayed communications, snafus involving contracts, machinery and, most importantly, issues involving mental processes. On a more esoteric note, karma-wise, Mercury retrogrades also deal with the issues arising from uncontrolled, uninhibited or spontaneous speech. Words do have consequences.

Similarly, the attributes of Neptune retrograde are notorious for their profound impact on human interactions. During this time, mental confusion, foggy communications (like Mercury), liars, scandals - both in social media and real time, as well as events involving weather and, particularly oil and gas are prominent. Neptune, astrologically speaking, has long been associated with mysticism, idealism and compassion. When affected by negative influences and aspects with other planets, these characteristics can change into delusion and deception as well as a lack of focus and confusion.

Turning to Mercury’s relationship with the Sea King on that date, there is a powerful opposition that is formed between the two bodies. This is probably the most significant aspect occurring on a day with major astrological implications across the board. I believe that the particular interaction between the Messenger and the Sea King in the “natal” chart of the Great Eclipse merits particular attention. Magnified by the forces inherent in the Eclipse itself, the blend of these planetary energies is deeply significant.

By itself, the Mercury / Neptune opposition is characterized by a flawed and distorted perception of reality. This can, and does, lead to communication snafus, deception and outright lying. Scandals are likely as the ability to interact or communicate breaks down completely. Importantly, the ability to distinguish between fact and fantasy, reality and delusion, can lead to flawed and dangerous decision making. Now, add in the fact that both planets are retrograde and you have the potential for powerful kinetic events whose impacts can and will stretch far beyond the Eclipse event itself.

The Great Eclipse itself occurs in the fire sign of Leo. These fire sign eclipses have often heralded discontent and dissension. Military conflicts and the removal of a prominent leader or public figure - by any means - may appear during this time. Occurring at 28 degrees of Leo, this Shadow Dance is in the Third Decante (a decante is 10 degrees, each sign has three for a total of 30 degrees). The energy of this position leads to the collapse of “sacred” places and concepts as well as unrest in urban areas.

Of course, no discussion of the Great Eclipse would be complete without mentioning the one individual on the planet who seems to be manifesting a significant degree of astral energy: Donald Trump.

Trump’s progressed chart (to the day of the Eclipse) is profound in that five planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron) are in the twelfth house. Additionally, five more planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto) are in the tenth house. The only outlier is Uranus, in the eighth house. Having these planetary clusters in two houses mandates looking at the energies of the Houses themselves.

The 10th house is the house of careers, public reputation, government and political affairs and the public eye. Taking responsibility and the reckoning of karma are also featured. The 12th house is traditionally known as the house of undoing and suffering. Hidden opposition, prisons, hospitals and large institutions, purposeful deception, items “behind the scenes” and the "Cosmic Wake Up Call" figure prominently.

Suffice it to say, the House energies and planetary occupants, combined with the astral energy of the Eclipse, the Messenger and Sea King connection all point to a singular event or event series that will have an unprecedented impact across this frail blue orb on which we live. The Great Wheel is moving towards a point in time that we will mark in the future and may well leave us saying: "We were there when…"

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