Have you always been curious about how astrology works? This can be set up as a stand-alone "101" style briefing, or in a multi-class series, which will give you a basic understanding of the founding principles.


The individual class session will focus on the absolute basics: the Planets and their character traits, the 12 Signs with their placements on the zodiac wheel and travel patterns through our solar system, the primary Aspects between them, and an introduction to the Houses for accurate comparison purposes.

The multi-class series teaches a much more in-depth explanation of the entire framework of Astrology from the ground up for understanding the mechanics of the entire birth chart of a person, how the resonance from each chart’s individual tapestry can be harnessed to help energize and harmonize that individual’s life – and in turn, how they relate to others. There’s so much more than your “Sun sign” to consider! 


*If you have your personal natal chart available, please bring it with you to class, otherwise, have your birth data handy - time and place included.

$20 per person

Teresa has been studying Astrology for over twenty-five years, and will present the founding principles and meanings behind them, with tools and handouts provided for better visualization of the planets, signs, elements, aspects and how to gauge what it means for you and your life. Join in for a fun and interactive journey through the stars!

Group Classes




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