The Event Planning Report is a complex report utilized by using an overlay comparison between two people's Natal Charts AND progressing planetary transits to confirm the best possible dates for any important event: weddings, house purchase / contracts or even planning a vacation! Maximize the potential for positive energy by planning ahead for smiling skies on your important day - or days!  Provide me with the dates of birth, locations and times, for you and your "significant other" as well as a minimum three month time-frame (season and year) and I can provide you with the insight to know when to schedule your event for the best possible outcome with minimal issues and stress-causing factors. 

Event Planning Report

  • Given the exact time and place of TWO peoples birth data, AND a range of time to gauge for planning purposes, this Event Planning Report is essentially a snapshot of the sky at the moment each person was born, and compared for aspects between the two - THEN checked for the best possible combination of planetary placements to greatly improve your chances for success - whatever your endeavor!



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